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HD Cotton may sound new to you, but it's just the next generation of the 3930 that's been trusted by decorators like you for years as Heavy Cotton HD®. And thanks to their feedback, we’ve enhanced HD Cotton with even better features.

  1. First, we updated the name. With T-Shirt weights trending lighter, we wanted to avoid any confusion so we dropped the word 'Heavy'. It's still 5 ounces, but now it's called HD Cotton to emphasize the superior printing results of the High Density fabric.
  2. Next, we changed the label. Now, all 11 styles are made with tear-away labels that rip out easily and cleanly, making HD Cotton ideal for relabeling programs that require multiple styles without branding.
  3. Lastly, the biggest enhancement of all — new maximized print space. You asked for it, and we answered. No more stretching smaller sizes to fit print pallets. No more slowing down and using more adhesive on smaller or youth sizes. We've changed the sleeve construction to straight-cut armholes which increases the print space through the chest and also, provides more shoulder room for a more comfortable fit.

Now made with improved fit and maximized print space

  1. Straight cut armhole increases chest front print space.
  2. New sleeve construction increases comfort with more fit-to-shoulder room.

Demonstrated below is our youth size Large on standard 16" and 18" pallets. When the job calls for adult and larger youth sizes together, HD Cotton keeps you rolling without production adjustments, saving time and money.

Youth Large working on various print pallet sizes